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      英語B1_習題集(含問題詳解).docx 31頁

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        《英語 B1》課程習題集 西南科技大學成人、網絡教育學院 版權所有 習題 【說明】:本課程《英語 B1》(編號為 01004)共有單選題 , 寫作題 , 英語完形填 空,英語閱讀理解 ,漢譯英等多種試題類型,其中,本習題集中有 [漢譯英,寫作 題] 等試題類型未進入。 一、單選題 Can you find out C___ her pen? where Alice had put C. where Alice has put where had Alice put D. where has Alice put The reason we' re so late i s___C . for the car breaks down B. due to the car breaking down that the car broke down D. because the car broke down Word has come ___B__ some guests from Canada will visit our school. what B. that C. whether D. when The two elements ___C water is made are oxygen and hydrogen. that B. which C. of which D. with which The time will come ___B___ man can fly he likes in the universe. how ? where B. when ? wherever C. where ? where D. what ? which Women workers wear hats _B_ _ their hair gets caught in the machinery. A. if B. in case C. unless D. because ___D he works hard, I don ' t mind when he finishes the experiment. A. As soon as B. As well as C. So far as D. So long as The young driver looked over the engine carefully lest it B on the way. A. goes wrong B. should go wrong C. went wrong D. would go wrong All things C___, the planned trip will have to be called off. A. considering B. be considered C. considered D. having considered The problem remains ___B the rescue teams could arrive in time. A. if B. whether C. when D. that Boris has brains. In fact, I doubt whether anyone in the class has B IQ. a high B. a higher C. the higher D. the highest This western restaurant is superior B___ the one we went to last week. than B. to C. as D. for Either of these young ladies ___C perfectly qualified to teach Greek, Latin and French. were B. are C. is D. have been You can ' t imagine __B___ when they received these gifts. how they were excited B. how excited they were C. how excited they have D. they were how excited Do ___B you are told; otherwise you will be punished. that B. what C. which D. whom ___B __ the old man 's sons wanted to know was the gold had been hidden. A. Tha


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