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      職稱英語考試綜合類C級閱讀理解專項練習1.doc 3頁

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        2019 年職稱英語考試綜合類 C 級閱讀理解專項練習 1 ) Crystal Ear One day a friend asked my wife Jill if I wanted a hearing aid. " He certainly does," replied Jill. After hearing about a remarkable new product, Jill finally got up the nerve to ask me if I'd ever thought about getting a hearing aid. "No way," I said. "It would make me look 20 years older." "No, no, "she replied. "This is entirely different. It's Crystal Ear!" Jill was right. Crystal Ear is different-not the old-styled body worn or over-the-ear aid, but an advanced personal sound system so small it's like contacts for your ears. And Crystal Ear is super-sensitive and powerful, too. You will hear sounds your ears have been missing for years. Crystal Ear will make speech louder, and the sound is pure and natural. I couldn't believe how tiny it is. It is smaller than the tip of my little finger and it's almost invisible when worn. There are no wires, no behind -the-ear device. Put it in your ear and its ready-to-wear mold fits comfortably. Since it's not too loud or too light, you may even forget that you're wearing it! Use it at work or at play. And if your hearing problem is worse in certain situation, use Crystal Ear only when you need it. Hearing loss, which typically prior to teenage years, progresses throughout one's lifetime. Although hearing loss is now the world's number-one health problem, nearly 90 percent of people suffering hearing loss choose to leave the problem untreated. For many millions, treating hearing loss in a conventional way can involve numerous office visits, expensive testing and adjustments to fit your ear. Thank to Crystal Ear, the " sound solution" is now convenient. Almost 90 percent of people with mild hearing loss, and millions more with just a little hearing dropoff, can be dramatically helped with Crystal Ear. Moreover, its superior design is energy-efficient, so batteries can last months. Crystal Ear is now available to help these people treat their hearing loss with a small hearing ampli


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