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      高考英語專題復習課件:完形填空(公開課)詳解.ppt 34頁

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        為什么我們在這一題型上總是失分較多? 1.沒有嚴格遵循答題步驟: 多數同學考試時擔心時間緊,在沒有弄清短文的中心和文章的情節線索的情況下匆忙答題.事實上我們用在這一題上的時間可以達到15-18分鐘. 切記:一定要用2-3分鐘時間進行缺詞閱讀,弄清文章大意和基本脈絡后再著手逐個填空. 2. 不注意積累答題技巧: a. 忽略文章中上下文之間的照應關系; b. 遇到長句不注意分析句子結構,在語義模糊時抱碰運氣的心理隨意作出選擇. 完形填空的解題步驟 The three youths leaned over the metal rails along the sea-wall and watched a few fishermen pull in their nets. About thirty metres away, a boat pulled alongside the slippery steps leading 36 to the sea. “Hey, look!” exclaimed Rahim. “Those two men are 37 heavy rocks. I thought we no longer do muscle labour in this technological 38 . ”“you don’t 39 a crane (起重機)to unload less than a dozen rocks, do you?”smiled Joshua. “But those men don’t 40 to have muscles at all,”said Michael,rather surprised .Joshua smiled. “They are 41 laborers who know how to spread the weight of the rocks they 42 . See how the man positions the rock just at the slope of his 43 . Some of the rock’s weight is set 44 his head, some on the right hand and some on the left hand. His body isn’t bent. His legs are well 45 . ” “You’re right, Josh. He may have a small build. 46 he certainly well knows his job. Dear me! And to think we have been studying 47 ! ” Rahim thought about all that was happening. Suddenly, he said, “Technology won’t 48 the human being completely, it appears.” “I don’t think it will. ” 49 Joshua. “You can harvest a crop of potatoes or wheat with one of those large, multi-purpose tractors, but you 50 use that equipment to harvest lea leaves and tomatoes, will you?” “You can get a computer to 51 multiple-choice assessments, but you cannot get the computer to produce of assess essays, can you?” asked Michael. “Well, the washing machine leaves my shirt collar quite as 52 as ever --- that’s domestic technology for you! ” said Rahim. “One day, perhaps, there won’t be anybody 53 who can carry a large


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