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      新托業聽力必背19天(中英文已校對打印版).doc 12頁

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        聽力常見語句背誦表 Day 1 1. People are applauding the players. 人們正在為演奏者鼓掌。 2. The lawns are being watered. 草地正在被澆水。 3. The man is putting on his glasses. 這個男人正在戴眼鏡。 4. She is carrying two buckets. 她提著兩個桶。 5. She is digging in the ground. 她正在挖地。 6. They are moving in opposite directions. 他們正在向相反的方向走。 7. The men are moing lawns. 男人們正在割草。 8. He is playing a musical instrument on stage. 他正在臺上演奏樂器。 9. The road is being paved. 道路正在被鋪。 10. The woman is paying for an item. 這個女人正在給商品付款。 11. The pharmacist is handing some medicine to the patient. 藥劑師正在給患者藥。 12. Trees are being planted. 樹木正在被栽種。 13. They’re playing on a swing in the playground. 他們正在操場上蕩秋千。 14. A woman is pointing at something on a drawing. 一個女人正在指著畫上的什么東西。 15. A man is taking a picture. 一個男人正在照相。 16. A waiter is pouring water into cups. 一個服務生正在往杯子里倒水。 17. He is putting on a laboratory coat. 他正在穿實驗室服。 18. They are taking off their uniforms. 他們正在脫他們的制服。 19. The man is reaching for his wallet. 這個男人正在掏錢包。 20. The ladder is being repaired. 梯子正在被修理。 21. He is working on the roof. 他正在屋頂上干活。 22. She is handing the scheduler to her friend. 她正在把日程安排給她的朋友。 23. A woman is shopping around in the supermarket. 一個女人正在超市買東西。 24. They are strolling arm in arm. 他們正在挽著臂散步。 25. A microscope has been placed symmetrically. 一個顯微鏡被整齊地放置著。 26. The horse is walking along the edge of the water. 這匹馬正在沿著水邊走。 Day 2 1. They are seated across from each other. 他們面對面地坐著。 2. The man is standing next to the arm chair. 這個男人正站在扶手椅邊上。 3. The place is crowded with spectators. 這個地方擠滿了觀眾。 4. The papers have been stacked up next to the copier. 紙已經被堆在復印機邊上。 5. The bed needs to be made. 床需要鋪一下。 6. The table is placed between the sofa and the lamp. 桌子被放在沙發和臺燈中間。 7. There is a flower vase next to the stairway. 樓梯的旁邊有一個花瓶。 8. The women have their legs crossed. 這些女人交叉著雙腿。 9. They are seated in a circle. 他們圍坐成一圈。 10. The cars are all parked in a line. 汽車停成一排。 11. The boxes are lined up in a row. 箱子排成一排。 12. The road


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